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While Opera may have done this little tweak of definitions with the best intentions, end users should understand that this free service by Opera is nowhere near the security provided by a real VPN solution, Per Thorsheim, founder of PasswordsCon, commented. UPDATE: Saturday, 23 April, 0556: AM PT The head engineer of Opera for computers Krystian Kolondra reached out to us with a comment. In our case we are coming with a new term: a browser VPN and our goal is that all the network activity from the browser is actually routed via our secure proxy unlike the usual proxies that only route the web traffic.
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It has only three less-than-specific locations Europe, Americas, Asia, and although Opera calls the service a VPN, it's' really just a secure proxy service which protects your browser traffic using HTTPS. There are no low-level tweaks, no clever auto connect when I access an insecure network features or anything else, and Opera VPN won't' protect any traffic from other apps on your system. Want to try Opera VPN? Check out the website here. This just might be the most underpowered VPN around, then, but as it's' also free, and with unlimited bandwidth, maybe it deserves a closer look. Opera VPN doesn't' keep any logs on its users Image credit: Opera Opera VPN subscription options.: 1 month plan 0 per month 0 total cost. Opera has a lengthy privacy policy with several interesting clauses. VPN-specific details are limited to a single statement: When you use our built-in VPN service, we do not log any information related to your browsing activity and originating network address. That's' good to know, but it's' not exactly specific or comprehensive.
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If you want a nearly invisible, VPN like connection, you might be tempted to try the Opera web browser's' built-in service. It doesn't' require extra software or even an account, it delivers unlimited data and it's' pretty good at streaming Netflix from overseas. But in our most recent tests, it delivered the worst performance of any no-fee VPN-like service we've' ever seen, far below the results from similar tests conducted on the same service a bit more than a year ago. Even though the Opera browser VPN is completely unlimited and completely free, we can't' recommend it except for use as a video-streaming proxy service, because its network performance is simply awful. Even ProtonVPN's' deliberately slowed, but also unlimited free service is faster. For a much speedier free service, albeit one with a 10GB monthly data cap, try Windscribe, which we consider one of the best free VPN services.
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Free VPN service embedded in the web browser. Extra feature that blocks unwanted ads and tracking. Substantial privacy and encryption. Get started with Opera VPN now. Money Back Guarantee Days.: Number of devices per license: 1. VPN Plans: Watch the short video review and tutorial below of Opera VPN. Opera VPN User Reviews. Based on 81 reviews in 10 languages. Based on 81 reviews in 10 languages. Speed and service 8. Speed and service. Superfast browser is awesome but my network provider gave me a red flag for a download just that once other than that it's' awesome and it's' worth using the actual browser gives easy access to a lot of social media. Reply to Blackgod See Plans. Excellent VPN 10. Easy to use. No network issues with it. Changes your public IP address, mine is in Asia at the moment! Will keep you posted if I find any issues with it. So far so good.

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